Wide Format/Poster Printing

Did you know we print posters? Signs, posters, banners and large format documents - our Team can help. For paper samples and quotes, drop by our Keele Campus office, and review our Large Format FAQs below.

Wide Format FAQs

How do I get a poster printed?

Printing Services prints posters for students, staff and faculty. Visit the office at 163A Central Square – see our contact page for more details. Posters and banners can be paid with cash, credit card, or on budget numbers.

What applications can I use to create my poster?

We most commonly print academic and scientific research ‘posters’ which are usually done in PowerPoint (PC and MAC versions). Large Format Posters cannot be printed from Word / Excel / Access / Word Perfect. Other graphic programs such as Quark Express / Illustrator / Indesign/Acrobat PDF are supported. We work on both MAC and PC platforms. Visit our digital output page for more details.

A pdf of the poster is often submitted, which works well in most circumstances. Please review the University's Graphic Standards, available on our Resources page.

Posters should not be created in small sizes, and then blown up to full size, as quality suffers with the enlargement. When a file is reduced, images shrink, text may skew or misalign. This results in incorrect, poor posters, with unpredictable image quality.

We are happy to discuss and help you as you are developing your poster or banners, to look at your draft files, and to make minor corrections. We have limited time to actually do major work on your file- subject to scheduling, we can offer full design services for your project. Call or visit for a quote on your project.

What sizes are available?

Our large format printer can print on paper up to a max of 44″ wide. The paper is in 100 foot rolls, so we can print any length you wish (Note that the PowerPoint application has a max length of 54″). Please leave 1″ to 1.5″ inches border as the ink will smear if it extends to the edge of the paper.

Can I use solid backgrounds?

Often, we receive posters for printing with a large solid coloured background / image. Although the large format printer can print this, you should be aware that solid backgrounds take much more ink. The EXTRA charge for solid backgrounds is $1.00 per square foot due to the large amount of ink used. To reproduce solids well, photographic paper should be used.

What types of paper are available?

The majority of posters are printed on Matte Paper, but there are other materials available, including Photographic paper and Tyvek. Tyvek looks like paper and is woven from strong plastic fibres- we recommend tyvek for outdoor posters or banners. Samples of these materials can be found at Printing Services.

How much will posters cost?

$4 per sq/foot……Printed full colour on Uncoated Paper.
$8 per sq/foot……Printed full colour on Photo “Glossy” paper.
$12 per sq/foot……Printed full colour on Vinyl.
Poster boards……Contact us
Additional costs: $1 per sq/foot…….. Large solids. We print large solids only on Photographic paper or Vinyl.
Grommets can be affixed to Vinyl banners for hanging at $2.00 each grommet.
Mailing Tubes are available (36 or 48” sizes, $3 each) and are useful if you are traveling to a conference with the poster.

Do you laminate or mount?

A poster to be used repeatedly might be laminated. Laminating solves issues of posters fading from months or years of exposure to light, and so is useful for posters or banners with heavy ink coverage. Laminates can be glossy or dull in finish. We also mount posters on a wide range of materials, including foam core and harder materials. Allow extra processing time for laminating or mounting, and request a quote.

How do I submit my file for printing?

You can deliver in person; bringing a CD/USB key, or you may e-mail the poster file.

Our e-mail address is: printing@yorku.ca. Follow the instructions on our Order Printing page. Please complete the Printing Requisition Form. Confirm that your files and instructions are received if emailed.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is one day (24 hours) or faster. During a busy period, i.e. conference periods etc, the turnaround time is 2 business days (48 hours), that is, your poster is ready for pickup the end of the day following job submission.

Are there samples I can see?

Yes, visit us to see samples on different substrates!