The Cappuccino Book Machine

What is it?

Since 2005, the York University Bookstore has produced well over 100 titles written by York professors, researchers, retirees, students and members of the broader community. We utilize our equipment and personnel capacity to provide this custom service, so you can “publish-on-demand”. While the Espresso Book Machine (EBM), found in many large campus stores and in some independent bookstores across North America, has made great inroads in establishing print-on-demand, our select equipment is bigger and better and operated by print experts (and is comfortably housed in a basement on campus). Ergo, York’s Cappuccino Book Machine (CBM)!
Helping to publish books that sell so well they are picked up by traditional publishers, has been our proudest accomplishment. Our second book, Flourishing in University and Beyond, John Dwyer and Thomas Klassen, 2005, will be released in 2015 by UBC Press. We have reprinted the Dwyer/Klassen book time after time, as it provides good advice for first year students. Another early effort, Coaching by Dave Chambers, updated an out-of-print book which was later picked up by Firefly Books. We understand there is now a Russian edition - which concerns us, as no doubt Chambers was providing some quality advice for our Canadian hockey coaches whose teams compete internationally! We are also proud to be the printer, and sometimes designer, for two thriving publishing houses at York - ANTARES, the trilingual publisher located on the Glendon campus, and the Canada-Mediterranean Centre publishing house (formerly Canada-Maghreb Centre), which features works in French and English. We can guide any text to print, including novels, short stories, poetry, memoirs, theses, and academic proceedings.

Design, Editing, Getting Ready

This is primarily a book-making service. We provide tips for preparing your files, which most frequently arrive as a single WORD file or PDF. We can give you a WORD template for your text manuscript - set up with the page size, margins, and the fonts of your choice. We recommend that you send us drafts of your manuscript so that we can troubleshoot the file while you are still writing.
Our standard package includes helping you with final touches, such as adding headers and footers and correcting pagination. We will also provide an additional hour of work to design your book cover, using the pictures and design elements that you like. We can help you set up title pages and the publication history (copyright) page.
If you are including other people’s works - including illustrations, photos and literary extracts - you are responsible for obtaining permissions.
We do not have a copy editor available, but if you need one, we’ll help you find one. We also know some small publishers who may work on a contract basis to steer you through a more complex project. If you do not think you are able to handle design - perhaps you need to include lots of pictures or charts that are not suited for WORD - we can help you find a graphic designer. (Yes, once or twice a year we take on a full, complicated book design project ourselves!)
The final manuscript should consist of two files - the contents and the cover. PDF files are ideal and when the book is finalized that’s exactly what we print from.
We insist on printing proof copies before the final book is ready for prime time. When you make changes at this stage, we require that you check the revised proof.
Design services take time and should be minimized by submitting good files. Last minute changes happen. We want your book to be perfect, so we will make the final small changes. If we get grumpy after a few iterations - it means you were not ready when you submitted your book to us.

Book Essentials

We can print your book on a variety of different papers and sizes. Your book can be 40 to 500-plus pages in length. If it is shorter, we can make a booklet for you or use a thicker paper to make a perfect bound paperback book. Our thickest book is 656 pages and in its third edition. It keeps on growing, but it still holds together nicely. By the way, we refer to a page as the reader would, where each sheet or leaf of paper has two pages - one on each side.
Our covers are typically printed in full colour, on coated 10-point cover stock, and sealed with a varnish to minimize fingerprints. Some of our favorite book covers were printed on uncoated papers. Interior pages are usually printed on a nice recycled white or an easy to read off-white paper. Your book may have sections with colour pictures, and they may need to be printed on a glossy paper for sharp reproductions. We recommend grouping the pictures together, although some books need to be published with colour pages throughout.
A typical book is 6” x 9”, but we can easily produce other sizes up to 8.5” x 11”. Some sizes give the book an interesting shelf appeal, allow for two column layouts, or just work better in smaller or larger sizes.
Please visit us to select papers and finalize choices of sizes, and if you would like to show us examples of books you like, we will try to match your samples. We’ll show you our favorite book designs, too.

Print or Publish On Demand

We love underselling! Years ago, when you wanted to publish a book, the minimum quantity was 1,000 and the printer offered bargains to print more copies. They had good reason for doing so, as it was costly to set up the book on traditional offset presses. Your minimum quantity with the CBM is ONE. We will also provide a PDF of your final book, which you can use to sell as an eBook or send to overseas friends. You can come back to us and we will have the book on file - unless you tell us to destroy our copies. This means your book is NEVER out of print! Reprints are usually done in 24 hours. All final artwork, including graphics, photos and other intellectual property used in this project will be returned to you, and you always retain copyright on your own work.

Pricing Options

Standard Setup - $99
This includes:
• Consultations to discuss your project
• Review of files, troubleshooting
• Creating cover design
• Up to two proof copies
• Archiving final print copy and providing PDF versions for your file
• Includes Barcode, ISBN
• Finalizing text for headers, footers, and correcting pagination
• Minor edits after first proof
• Set up is never charged on re-orders
Printing, binding and trimming your quality Cappuccino-produced book:
• $4.50 per book, plus 4 cents per page
• Colour pages extra cost
• Substantial revisions or graphic work charged at $60/hour
• 15% off orders of 50 or more print books
• Faculty, alumni and students - ask about us about our special discounts

Retail & Distribution

As a self-published author, your work does not end with the writing. Authors must also become self- promoters. The York Bookstore can offer your book for sale on consignment and we can also post your book on our website. With access to your files, and with your permission, we can be your fulfillment house, printing single copies and shipping them to customers as orders come in. We are also an Amazon book seller and can fulfill and ship Amazon orders for your book.
Remember, you are the publisher. You set the price. You own the inventory. We are happy to be part of your marketing plan.