Order Course Kits

Placing your order

In order to ensure your order is ready prior to class, we request submission 8 weeks prior to the beginning of term. If you require a course kit for this term, please contact our Course Kit Team directly.

Be sure to include:

  • A complete CourseKit Order Form
  • A Copyright Information Form or Bibliographic Information list
  • Photocopies of all new material

We will take care of the rest. Visit our Resources page to obtain order forms.

Bibliographic Information List

A complete list of bibliographic information for all material to be included may be emailed to our team along with the complete CourseKit Order Form. Please include:

  • author(s)
  • editor(s)
  • publisher
  • year of publication
  • ISBN (for books)
  • ISSN (for journals) the pages you are requesting
  • for books, the total number of pages

Visit the Library On-line Subscription List Resource Tool

Copyright Requirements

Permissions are cleared for all copyrighted items in each Course Kit, every term, in compliance with Canadian Copyright Law. Learn more about copying guidelines at York University.  Also visit the Copyright Support Office for more specific guidance on copyright.