About Course Kits

Course Kits Are

Customized publications which contain selected materials for a specific course. They are collections of copyrighted materials that can serve as either an up-to-date supplement to a textbook or as the primary resource for students.

Course Kits Include

  • Chapters from text and trade books
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Business cases
  • Out-of-print books
  • Instructors' own material
  • Course syllabus
  • Course and Lab notes
  • Reports
  • Journal articles


Course Kits are made available for students to purchase through the York University Bookstore, or through a bulk purchase by an institution or department.


Course Kits provide easy, affordable access to current and classic works. You decide what to include: course syllabus, original material, course and lab notes, review questions, journal articles, chapters from books, or even an out-of-print book.  With Course Kits, it reduces the need to purchase several textbooks. Students get a customized solution on a smaller budget.

Thorough knowledge of copyright, providing help in the creation of course kits, handouts, and on line materials
One on one contact with experienced Course Kit staff, ensuring that your needs are met
Notification if the cost of permissions will be excessive or if the publisher refuses permission to copy the material you have submitted
One complimentary desk copy for every tutorial/section
Table of contents with page references
Citations for each reading
Custom printing and binding options including colour printing, customized tabs, coloured sheets and cerlox, spiral and perfect binding
Every effort is made to produce kits efficiently to keep costs down. Course Kits are printed right on campus, produced “on demand” to reduce waste and replenished every 24 to 48 hours

Course kits produced on campus and are carbon neutral

One-stop shopping for all course needs
Convenient hours, including weekends and evenings
High quality course materials with attractive, durable covers printed clearly with the course name and number and the name of the course director
No waiting for library reserve materials to become available